Thursday, February 16, 2012


My corp joined up with Nulli Secunda's [S2N] trial alliance, Nulli Tertius [T2N], a while back. After a few failed attempts with some disorganized alliances, I've been wanting to dive into the whole null-sec big alliance thing for a while. And granted, S2N isn't the biggest fish around, but it's a sizable enough, sov-holding entity to have a measurable effect on the scene.

We've recently deployed in Geminate. Eve News 24 recently had an article with the details. Despite the article's title -- Take the tech -- I get more of an impression that our main objective is to get some fights in. Taking moons is good and all. But having no real need to succeed, we don't lose anything if we fail, and we hopefully get a good fight out of it. An opportunistic attitude seems to prevail among the alliance these days.

I wasn't able to log in very much during the few days of deployment. So I missed being able to put my stuff on the carrier train. I suppose I could have just asked one of the carrier pilots in my corp to help me out. But I instead settled on the plan of finding a good route through wormhole space. As we weren't planning on being back in our home systems in Period Basis and Delve for a while, I figured it'd be good to sell off or haul out most of my assets there myself.

After 3 days(!) of scanning the few friendly constellations, I finally found a wormhole which provided a direct connection to a system in Providence. A few months ago, I did some solo hunting in the section of Amarr low-sec that's watched over by CVA. Not knowing at the time about the NRDS policy and shared standings list that most of the locals live by, I quickly got myself put on their red list. Great, everyone in Provi is out to get me now.

But the 4j to high-sec route was still a lot more tempting than the 30+j null-sec route direct from Period Basis. I commenced hauling some ships out. I took a few cloaky ships, bombers and a cov ops, out first to scout the route. Hauling through hostile territory without a dedicated scout can be quite dangerous. But I've flown on my own long enough to know how to be cautious. Just my luck, two different camps form up after my second ship run. (Note to self: train for an orca to move ships.) I let a sentinel and vagabond pilot chase my shuttle through a few systems each time I headed back. The sentinel got a lock on me once, but apparently didn't have his disruptor pre-cycled. His loss.

But like most gate camps, these two had a very short lifespan. I finished hauling out the ships I wanted to take as well as a few hundred mil worth of ratting loot to sell. Red Frog Freight took everything from Esa to Jita for a reasonable 8.5 mil.

After a quick detour through Amarr to hunt down and bait some mission runners (Nabbed this guy. Twice. carebears: gotta love 'em), I finally make my way to Geminate!

A black ops fleet (curiosly without an actual black ops ship - isn't that called a bomber fleet?) and a frigate/desy roam later, I got. in. on. quite. a few. good. kills. Wow, that was a lot of fun! I really enjoy flying small, nimble ships. We ran into a BC/T3 gang of 6 or so with our fleet of 8 frigs/desys. They were a bit disorganized and we were able to spread them apart, then pick them off one by one. A friendly gang with a couple cruisers joined the fight mid way through. There was pure chaos for a few minutes which consisted of following primary calls, watching range. speed. and local, calling points and webs, and just blowing stuff up. After the dust settled, we hadn't lost a single ship.

Hopefully there will be quite a bit more roaming goodness in the next few weeks we're up in Geminate. Occasional good fights like that always keep me coming back for more.

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