Thursday, February 16, 2012

Empty Handed Ninja

I logged to find a mostly empty corp channel, a quite teamspeak server, and no fleets up. Seeing as I've only got a hound, thrasher, and unfitted cheetah in Geminate so far, I decided to clone jump out to high-sec to try and get some solo action while nothing else was going on.

I haven't hardly been in high-sec at all for the last couple months. Pretty soon the nerves I get from seeing the plethora of neutrals I in local every time I jump system dies down. I decide to try my luck at one of my favorite high-sec professions: The Mission Ninja.

I don't have the best setup for it. I perused my ship hangar in Dodixie. I came across 8 identical probes fit for just this purpose. Each was named appropriately, "Stealin' your loot." I decided to take a little less agressive posture and renamed the ship to "Cleanup Crew." Armed with combat probes, a salvager, mwd, and ship scanner, I headed out to make space a safer place. Just because nobody has crashed into a wreck from a mission mid-warp doesn't mean that it can't happen!

I may detail my methods in a later post. There are a few different tactics I've used, trying to figure out what gives me the best results. For the time being, I contented myself to just scanning out missioners in Dodixie. It would save time on ship swapping. (Yes, I swap in station. No orca. Still.) In about half an hour, I peg down and warp to about 10 missions. Some have multiple ships. I was targeted quite a few times, but never shot at.

A duo consisting of a mostly T1 fit armageddon and maelstrom both targeted me up. One convod me up and warned me against taking their wrecks. This was a golden opportunity! They'd agress for sure! Except there were no wrecks. No cans. Nothing. I glanced down at an NPC message in local and realized this was the third of the recon missions. No rats. Just a giant exploding gas cloud that had run its course. We sat there for a few minutes, both of them locking me, before they warped. Only then did I think to drop a can of my own and try to taunt them into taking it. I had to be content with noting their sig ids to probe them out later.

After few minutes of unsuccessful baiting and getting my probe blown up by NPCs (there's a reason I fit out 8), I start to look for those two pilots again. Not seeing them in local, I find one has logged off. I run a locator agent on the other, thinking he's got to be nearby doing another mission. Turns out he was in Jita. Too bad.

My cane and tempest (and possibly sleipnir, if I want to risk it), are itching to blow up some hapless mission runners. If I'm going to be serious about it, I'll need to find some better systems to ninja in. Dodixie's just too busy.

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