Wednesday, February 15, 2012

[Insert Catchy Title Here]

The last few days I've been keeping myself from going insane from boredom or frustration at work by reading various Eve blogs. Here are a few of my favorites (among many others):

  • Aiden Mourn's Finders & Keepers along with the ninja blog pack keep me entertained with stories of social engineering and a dash of RP on the side.
  • Kirith Kodachi's Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah has some great reference material and a variety of opinion peices, stories, and contests. He also runs an great, easy-to-digest podcast.
  • Penny Ibramovic's Tiger Ears never ceases to amaze me with painstakingly detailed stories of wormhole exploits.
  • Wensley's Rifter Drifter provides in-depth analysis on low-sec and solo combat mechanics as well as riveting stories of a master pilot.

I got this blog set up a while back to have somewhere I can share my experiences, observations, and opinions about Eve with the rest of the world (or the two or three random people who happen to stumble upon it). Let's face it, there are times that it's more fun to read about people's stories about Eve than it is to actually play it.

I've finally struck up the desire and, more importantly, planned the time necessary to post regularly a few times each week. Stay tuned.

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