Monday, February 20, 2012

The Loot Gods Have Spoken

This is certanily the best kill I've had so far while playing Eve. I'll start out with the killmail.

At the time of writing, that dramiel fitting is listed on eve-kill at 722 mil.

I've never flown an enyo before. With the combination of the hybrid gun boost, assault frig boost, and my own training to focus a bit more on hybrid gunnery skills, I thought I'd give the enyo a try.

Decent speed with a mwd, 4 blasters for nearly 400 DPS when overheated, and enough tackle to keep my target in blaster range made it a promising proposition. (I lost the enyo a while later in the same belt where it got this kill.)

Fitted out in Dodixie, I planned to take it through the low-sec pipe leading to Amarr. Egghelende was clear. Odd. Siseide was clear as well. Even more odd. The next 12 or so side systems I visted were all empty except for the occasional rookie ship or shuttle hopping gates or the haulers parked at a pos cluttering up dscan.

I would have got discouraged at that point, but I've had enough experience hunting to know that patience pays off. As I neared Amamake, I thought of its reputation. If Sivala is freighter gank central and Rancer is the home of the smartbombing battleship, Amamake is the mystical homeland of frigate combat. (I may do some killboard datamining for a future article to get some hard evidence on trends in different low-sec systems.)

Sure enough, as I warp to the top belt at 0 (stupid, I know, but being dangerous can be fun!), there's a dramiel sitting ~75km off with a couple player wrecks littering the field between us. Undaunted by the scene of carnage, I charged toward the dramiel at top speed. At 40km out, the dramiel starts to move. I lock up my target, overheat everything, deploy my drone, and engage. Intertia carried me past him quite a bit, but thanks to the extra range on my overheated tackle, I was able to hold on. The dram pops three warrior IIs and starts engaging. With two volleys, my shields are down, but my void charges are chewing through his own shields at quite a clip.

Even webbed and scrammed, my prey was still orbiting me closely over 500 m/s. I struggled to keep within optimal range and tracking, noticing some of my volleys were merely glancing blows. I let my guns continue to cycle, and as I concentrated on flying, his shields buckled. I still had a small chunk of armor left as well as the structure tank that gallente ships are notorious for. The dram realized that he wasn't going to win this fight and started to try and pull range. But it was too late, and by fleeing, he gave me the few clear shots I needed to finish him off.

I could have popped his pod, as it took him a few seconds to warp off. Shocked, probably. And looking at the killmail later, it probably would have been a juicy podmail as well. A crystal set, possibly, to go along with the deadspace shield booster and blue pill booster? I scooped the wreck and docked up to repair my armor, review the kill, and wait out the GCC. I was pretty happy with the republic fleet shield extender I spied in my cargo. But when I looked at the killmail and saw. what. didn't. drop, I almost cried.

I felt like I won, and I also felt like I lost at the same time. But looking back at some of my first experiences in low-sec, losing myrmidons and dominixes all over the place, I've definitely come quite a way since then.

Killing someone in a fair fight who's ranked #172 on battleclinic can be pretty validating.

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